Our studio is a relatively small team of professionals, who have been lucky enough, to do what they love for over 20 years. Our permanent staff is only 5 people, which does not limit us at all, and long years of joint work allow us to function effectively as a whole. Of course, for certain specific and / or routine work, we involve specialists and teams from various IT and related fields for remote cooperation (this, "2nd team", has more than 30 permanent contacts).

The services we offer can be divided into two broad areas: Development and Marketing.


Our first projects in the field of development were websites of various directions and purposes, with individual CMS (Content Management System) for various tasks and types of content. Then, we began to develop specific Internet / intranet services, such as: billing of virtual telecom operators, banking document management systems, various bots, including using AI (Artificial Intelligence), corporate databases with GraphQL interfaces, systems for conducting promotions, CRM systems with a variety of integrations and communication channels.

Cross-platform mobile applications have become a separate, rapidly developing area of development. More and more tasks nowadays are solved with their use, instead of traditional websites. For example: a personal account of a cellular subscriber with online support capabilities, integration of bots with AI, viewing details in real time and applications for new connections through an associated CRM system, as well as a purchase / management system for insurance products and an online catalog of a virtual store.

Almost all the given examples of our latest developments are also interesting because they include systems from different IT areas. All products are initially developed with the ability to interact with each other, which greatly simplifies any integration, as well as re-use of the code. This is achieved through the use of modern technologies such as GraphQL and ReactJS. Additional reliability of the developed services and applications is provided by the use of the Typescript language.


Digital marketing today has tremendous potential and, accordingly, an ever-increasing number of tools, opportunities and nuances. To make the right choice of target audience (target audience), tools, metrics, KPI (Key Performance Indicator - Key Performance Indicators), campaign goals and overall strategy, it is extremely important to be a professional, both directly in digital marketing and in all related IT areas. Because the following tasks are: to successfully develop, implement and configure all the necessary components, track certain metrics and indicators, and, based on this data, make the necessary updates and adjustments to the maintained resources and accounts.

Our studio is engaged not only in the already mentioned development of various tools for digital marketing (CRM systems, loyalty programs, AI bots, and effective web resources). We also deal with comprehensive planning of marketing campaigns (preliminary analysis, selection of optimal tools, metrics and indicators, participating resources / accounts) and further maintenance of developed campaigns, necessary support, updating resources / accounts and other planned activities.

In addition, we had experience in the development and implementation of global promotions using secret codes accepted through the promotion website and SMS messages to short numbers, as well as developing loyalty programs using personal cards of users with barcodes, with their reading during registration and purchases, and automatic data synchronization with the developed unified CRM system.

Why boutique?

We position ourselves as a boutique studio, which implies the individuality of each solution for each client and each project. We also try to adhere to the following main criteria for choosing projects - interesting people, innovative technologies, actual projects, promising solutions.

Usually, only 2-3 projects are being carried out at the same time (not counting long-term projects that do not require constant active work). We focus on quality and individuality, getting sincere pleasure and satisfaction from our work and are ready for any non-standard projects and interesting cooperation. We are professionals in our fields, we carefully follow the development of technologies and all innovations, and, of course, we love to test and check them in our work. Nevertheless, we approach any project, first of all, based on the goals set by the customer, and offer the most effective and optimal solutions for your goals and objectives. For us, this is the art of development.

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