We offer development and design of cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, an increasing number of services traditionally hosted on websites are turning (or supplemented) into mobile applications, and this is not just a tribute to fashion. The advantages of modern applications are convenience, reliability and speed of work with a unified user interface, as well as the ability to use various hardware features integrated into devices, such as: geolocation, access to the camera, gyroscope, fingerprint and Face ID authentication, Push-notifications, and many other, constantly updated functions. And given that these are devices that we keep in our hands all the time, even such novelties as Augmented Reality, very quickly become available and familiar to everyone.

Our latest developed application is a personal account of a cellular subscriber, in which, after authorization, a subscriber can receive the necessary information on his bills, payments and details, work with the orders system and other utility services. The app is linked to the central billing service (mentioned in the previous section) and is available for download from the Apple AppStore and Google PlayMarket. Previously, the subscriber's personal account was only in the form of a web service on the company's website, and this is a shining example of how, after putting the application into operation, not only the objective convenience of subscribers with the system has grown, but also their overall satisfaction with the company's services and its image. Moreover, the application has become an additional sales channel for the company's services, because now subscribers can order a SIM card and issue a new connection simply by downloading a mobile Personal Account.

Apps are a convenient and reliable communication channel for [digital marketing] (/en/services/marketing), thanks to Push-notifications (duplicate or substitute SMS), and are great as a component of complex loyalty programs. Communication with the central CRM system, accounting for product recommendations sent from the application to friends and the bonuses and additional privileges received for this, will become a good support in strengthening customer loyalty and an additional sales channel.

From a development point of view, the ability to create cross-platform (for several operating systems at once) applications, greatly reduced the total development time of the product (and hence its cost), and made the creation of applications even more accessible for a wide range of tasks. Nevertheless, the presence of the application is still a big plus and a serious competitive advantage, and sometimes the additional capabilities that it provides are simply irreplaceable and are the key to creating new products. We will be happy to help by making the application your competitive advantage too!

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