We offer design, development and implementation of Internet and intranet services, databases and any necessary software systems with GraphQL interfaces for easy integration with existing resources and applications. These services are very important for the design and implementation of digital marketing campaigns, which we will discuss below.

As one of the examples of an intranet service, and, at the same time, one of our first developments of this kind, to this day updated and successfully serving more than 10 companies and 100,000 subscribers - a billing software package for virtual mobile operators and a set of utility services to support and service subscribers, calculate bills, receive payments, exchange data with the central operator (Beeline), manage orders and connected services of subscribers.

An example of developing an Internet service for existing web resources and applications is the creation of a semi-automatic bot for interactive communication and service management through platforms such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and a number of others. Some of its commands can be programmed to work automatically, and if necessary, you can add the function of transferring the current chat to the operator. The use of such a solution is especially effective in a complex marketing campaign, when integrated with the functions of a request for a callback and online consultation on the current product on the page of which the user is located.

And finally, the cornerstone of modern digital marketing is CRM systems. In the development and implementation of such systems, we offer a strictly individual approach, based on ready-made services and modules. As a result, we get a complex system, designed specifically for you and meeting all your tasks, and not a bulky turnkey product that needs to be adjusted for these needs for a long time, and you need to adapt to it (which fundamentally does not fit into our vision).

Despite the individuality of the solutions we develop, they are great for scaling and modifications, and also easily integrate with any existing resources, systems and applications, thanks to the use of advanced technologies such as GraphQL, ReactJS, Typescript, Postgres database.

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