Any web resource, social network account, or all components of a comprehensive advertising campaign must be constantly updated and maintained. We are ready to offer you constant and comprehensive support, updating and filling web resources, and all the necessary infrastructure. This is especially actual when conducting a marketing campaign, which may contain numerous accounts in various social networks, applications, advertising resources and portals, and other information and advertising components. All of this should be professionally designed, prepared for publication and posted regularly.

First, we identify the segments of interest, target audience, general topics and directions, search queries, hashtags and key phrases. After that, we professionally develop all the necessary content: articles, photos and videos. There are a lot of subtleties here, different social networks have different conditions and publishing opportunities, as well as different metrics for analyzing the impact and subsequent adjustment of keywords, frequency of their occurrence and other characteristics. Target audience may be heterogeneous, and it is necessary to keep their different interests in mind so as not to provoke rejection of any group. Further, on a strictly regular basis, we begin to publish the developed content, providing it with cross-links between social networks and web resources. We track metrics, adjust tasks for copywriters, editors, photographers, create a new portion of content, and so on. Such a process, if properly and clearly put in place, will provide constant support and returns, both for SEO and for maintaining the image of a dynamically developing brand.

It is also necessary to mention a separate and highly effective type of content - UGC (User Generated Content), in the form of reviews, comments and a number of other types, depending on the project. Of course, such content is not always and not necessarily written by real users, and, at a minimum, it needs to be moderated and corrected by professionals. But the use of modern IT technologies makes it possible to automate and mask such work as much as possible, giving the project an authentic look.

In social networks, UGC is especially actively used, as well as various types of attracting subscribers (which is one of the main metrics in social networks). For all this, there are many methodologies, services and tools that are selected for each project individually, at the stage of campaign planning.

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