It is difficult to imagine modern digital marketing, without CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, which are the center of most marketing solutions, including loyalty programs, affiliate programs, promotions and bonus programs. Also, CRM-marketing stands out separately - a set of marketing activities with a unified client base and management, recording and analysis of all interactions with clients. Although we can talk about the structure, goals and objectives of CRM in general, in practice, much depends on the specifics of the project. The role of the CRM system itself, database fields, communication channels and methods of interaction with clients are also different. That is why, we pay special attention to an individual approach when developing a CRM software package.

Working with CRM begins with collecting a complete customer base and all kinds of data about customers (existing and past), related sales, as well as establishing the collection of leads (potential customers), further updating, deduplicating and processing this data and segmenting the target audience. The goal is the most personalized communication with customers through all available communication channels ("omnichannel" approach), detailed preservation of the entire history of interactions with each customer and the possibility of further analysis of all this data, monitoring feedback and determining the optimal approach to each of the target audience segments, for effective adjustments for further communications.

The use of a CRM system allows to automate and optimize many marketing and business processes, reduce the amount of manual work and the number of required sales managers, and maximum personalization helps to most effectively get the desired response from a segmented target audience.

Our many years of experience in the development, implementation and use of CRM systems in various marketing programs and campaigns will help to determine the optimal marketing mechanics, strategies and tools that will optimize and consolidate marketing activities into an individual solution for you and your products and lead to better business relationships with customers, effective customers retention, and, ultimately, to rapid and sustainable sales growth.

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